When DEFINE body & mind rev instructor Ricky Hodge isn’t tapping it back on the bike, you can find him at his eponymous salon on Austin’s east side. Ricky has been in the beauty industry since 2007, specializing in cuts and and color. (He’s the master of blonde.) Ricky let us take a peek inside his Goyard bag, giving us the scoop on what he wouldn’t dare leave the house without. He also shared some quick freshening-up tips, so that your boss will never be the wiser if you slip out for a midday sweat.  The Essentials: Burt’s Bees exfoliating face wipes, a must after a tough workout to keep the skin fresh and avoid blemishes. “Taking care of your body includes your face. There’s nothing better than to wipe your face off with an exfoliating wipe. It’s fresh, it’s clean, and it feels great.”  KMS Sea Salt Spray and Nourish Organic Argan Oil because slightly dirty hair can suddenly become the best hair with just the right about of product. “I have dry hair, so I use argan oil to tame the flyaways after a ride. And since hair naturally has grit I like to add salt for more texture. Just spray some in and your hair suddenly has volume and the perfect chic-messy look.”  Invisi Bobble hair ties, which are perfect for keeping your hair off your face while avoiding the rubber band crease. “The spiral shape tie has less tension, which will prevent you from breaking and damaging your hair. And it keeps your hair looking effortless after a ride.” Beats headphones and a phone charger because you never know when you’ll need to put together a new playlist. I’m always listening to music. I believe the energy in the room is so crucial, and there are so many different types of genres. So making a playlist involves listening to music constantly. Kiehl’s Musk Oil because scent is associated with motivation and the memory process. “My hope is that the scent will remind you of me during your class and possibly push you to work harder throughout class.” Spin shoes. Because they’re a must. And, of course, classic Ray Bans and a custom snapback in case you’re just not in the mood and are in need of a disguise post-workout.  Ricky Hodge is a DEFINE body & mind South Lamar rev instructor and owner of Ricky Hodge Salon at 2124 East 6th Street in the heart of Austin.