Phew, what a week.

First, thank you to all of the clients who have continued to join our classes virtually. You are everything! The Livestreams have been such a wonderful return to normalcy, right? As instructors, the experience is bittersweet. We love the chance to keep teaching but miss the crazy good energy that y’all bring to the room. This experience has reminded us of how important all of you are. You are the reason we love what we do!

With the loss of in-person studio classes comes what feels like a loss of community. For many, the studio is a place of release, a place of comfort, a place of social stimulation and motivation. It has certainly been that way for us for a long time now. If you come to the studio to get through something, to get out of your own head, to reach a very precious goal, know that you are not alone in missing that release. With our Livestreams, we hope to offer even a hint of that to you. If nothing else, you’ll break a sweat with a familiar face cheering you on.

As this whole insane sci-fi experience unfolds, let’s not forget that we’re all in it together. Whether you join the Livestreams or not (it’s hard to duplicate the feeling of a crowded 5:30 pm body class, but we’re certainly trying!), know that your DEFINE community is still alive and well! Turn on your screen during the Livestreams and check out the crew. Use the chat function to say hi to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Reach out to instructors on social media to stay connected.

DEFINE is not just about working out – it never has been. Don’t forget that you’re not alone, that this too shall pass, and that we’ll all be revving (oh how we miss that rev!), planking, hammock-ing and bouncing in studio very soon.

Stay healthy, folks.


DEFINE: South Lamar