I’m a food person. I suppose you could argue that everyone is, by necessity, but one of the primary joys in my life comes from creating, consuming, and talking about good food. As a rev instructor at DEFINE body & mind in Austin, when I teach, I often feel that I have exerted so much energy, put so much into it, that I have no other choice but to refuel. Lucky for me, “refueling” is just about my favorite activity in the world, and this regimented exercise allows me to enjoy food in all of its glory. Rev, refuel, repeat: the cycle (pun intended) keeps on going. The rev (indoor cycling) classes I teach make me feel like I’m giving my body a spring cleaning, clearing out the drawers and opening all the windows, making room for more delicious things. There is also the physical exhaustion part of exercise that I can’t help but love–the knowing that you have used your body and brain for something and now really FEEL it–is so rare in the average, mundane activities of a normal day. I spend all day at work sitting, not using half of my faculties as a human, and rev makes me feel like I am using everything I have to offer. As I sit here after a rousing early morning class, I find that I am so incredibly aware of my legs. I can feel the muscles in my calves as if they were exposed to the air. I can feel the weight in my shoulders, exhausted from holding themselves up. I feel length in my spine and a tingle in my knees. I feel, quite frankly, incredibly alive. Because of this, I never want to stop teaching. Even when my body and my mind begin to melt toward the end of the week in a kind of exhausted pool, I simply want access to this– this exhausted, depleted feeling–forever. After a good cycling class, I feel that I have room in my body for greater things: a new outlook on life, a new approach at work, or simply a wonderfully delicious plate of food. Kristen Franke, DEFINE body & mind South Lamar Austin rev and mind instructor. Kristen is also a fantastic cook and blogs about her food journey on ranawaywiththespoon.com.