You probably already know Kate Reese from her magnetic energy or phenomenal playlists, but when Kate isn’t at the studio teaching revbody or 30/30s, she works as a nutrition and lifestyle consultant. Kate’s wellness journey started when she was diagnosed with a serious allergy to gluten, dairy and soy at the age of 13. This was an incredibly tough age to be limited to such a restricted diet. But as Kate often does, she found light in a negative situation, and started to seek out ways to not only live a healthy life, but thrive. Her personal journey inspired her to attend the University of Montana and obtain a BA in Psychology where she completed a thesis on Positive Aging. From there, she went on to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and started Everwell Nutrition and Lifestyle Consulting so that she could help others with similar ailments learn to live to their best life. When Kate isn’t teaching at the studio or helping others in her personal practice, you can find her at Zilker Park with her beloved goldendoodle, Sully.