Yoga, pilates, barre, trail running, indoor running, walking, step aerobics, personal trainer. For years I floated from one workout to the next, never really finding my fit, but continuing on my fitness journey because I was so aware of and happy with what it did for me—not only physically, but mentally too.

I felt strong after a workout, I liked the way my clothes fit, I liked the way my calves looked, but I liked how mentally clear I felt too. And yet, I was jumping from one thing to the next.

I’d keep the personal trainer for the strength part, walk outside for the cardio, and have a yoga membership for the mental calm. Or I’d keep a gym membership for the treadmill, have a barre membership for the cardio, and buy single classes to my local yoga studio. Whatever the combo, I was spending a small fortune to keep up my personal fitness.

All this changed when I walked through the doors of DEFINE body & mind in 2014. And it was immediately a love affair. On my first visit to DEFINE, I took my first rhythm-based cycling class (rev). I’d done plenty of indoor cycling classes before, but this was entirely different. The music, the movement, the lighting, the inspiration . . . the entire atmosphere was so complete. I was totally immersed in the experience of that room.  I left at the end of class not quite sure what had just happened. But one thing was sure: My mind was crystal clear. I immediately became a member, and I started taking the rev class 5 and 6 days a week.

It took me a bit longer to make my way into the body (barre) class. I had plenty of experience taking barre at other studios. Yet it was always the type of workout I didn’t necessarily enjoy but did anyway because I knew it was beneficial for my core. When a friend dragged me into the body class at DEFINE, I was pleasantly shocked. It was unlike any other barre class I’d ever taken. The class flowed well between movements, and it kept my heart rate up. The music was really fun, and the instructor was super friendly. I felt completely comfortable in that room—something I hadn’t felt at other barre studios. I was never a dancer and might have even been called clumsy by some. But in the body room of DEFINE, I felt that not only I had some rhythm but also a bit of grace.

My love affair continued. I began taking body and rev doubles. Later I began incorporating the yoga and mind classes into my workout. I was completely hooked. My body, which had previously peaked, started to see results again. I got to know my instructors and classmates. And the classes always kept my attention.

I loved this place and felt such a draw to it that I wanted it to be a bigger part of my life. In late 2015 I opened DEFINE body & mind on South Lamar in Austin.  Since opening the studio I’ve continued to enjoy the physical and mental benefits from it personally, but that love has grown into something bigger. I’ve come to know so many of the clients, and I’ve watched them have that a-ha!, eye-opening moment themselves. I’ve watched them grow, and I’ve seen this studio become their own special space as much as it is mine. They use DEFINE body & mind as their workout space, their social space, and their therapy. DEFINE’s motto is “all under one roof”—and it truly is. Amelia Tomjanovich, DEFINE body & mind South Lamar Austin owner and rev, body, mind and 30/30 instructor